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White Chocolate Blueberry Skillet Cookie

I am really obsessed with skillet cookies. They're way less work than individual cookies that must be scooped, weighed or shaped; or even worse, decorated! Skillet cookies can feed a crowd, and in far less time than it takes to make a cake. This rustic cookie offers the casual pleasure of eating straight from the pan, with your loved ones and 10 spoons. The skillet cookie urges you to be impatient and dig right into the warm, gooey center. Better hurry, before the ice cream melts.

I love skillet cookies (and cast iron recipes in general) so much that it is one of my primary cookbook ideas. It is difficult for me to narrow down themes for a coming book - I simply love to bake everything!

But, I do know a cast iron baking book is in the cards for me. When I was first gifted a cast iron pan last Christmas, I didn't know what to do with it...I was scared to ruin it when I washed it for the first time, and it was so dang heavy (my fault for asking for the giant size!) It sat unused at first, before I realized the genius of cast iron, and how easy it actually is to care for a cast iron pan. One of the most amazing things cast iron does is bake things quickly and evenly, with much less temperature guesswork. This white chocolate blueberry skillet cookie takes less than 30 minutes to bake, which is hard to believe when you see how giant it looks!

The flavors here might remind you of a pancake or blueberry muffin, while the melty white chocolate and crispy edges confirm that it is, indeed, a cookie. A small amount of cornmeal is incorporated to diversify the texture of the cookie, giving it more chew and grit, while also complementing the rustic nature of this homestyle skillet cookie.



Thanks for reading, please do let me know if you try this recipe.


The Mellow Baker

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