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Small Batch Kolaches (Kolac)

Kolaches quickly became a favorite of mine after making one for the first time -- I still have never been to an area that offers them in shops, but I love to make them at home.

If you have never had the chance to try one, kolaches are a bready yeasted pastry similar to a brioche bun.

In America it can be common to add meat or cheese instead of sweet filling.

Three different fruit filling variations are shown in this post - lemon curd, apple pie, and plum jam.

The pastries in this recipe are weighed to be a small size like you see in the video here, about half the size of a typical kolache. This is a small batch recipe and also produces miniature pastries - you could make about 5 full size kolaches instead, if you prefer.

It is common to combine the cream cheese and fruit filling together in one roll,

with cream cheese hidden underneath and a dollop of fruit on top.

You can certainly forego the cream cheese filling for a lower fat option.

Read more below and try this recipe with your favorite fruit jam!

Thanks for reading.


The Mellow Baker

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