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Oil-Free Crispy Potato Wedges


I'm always looking for a way to use egg whites or egg yolks. I frequently make ice cream, which leaves me with tons of egg whites. I also frequently make meringue based frosting, and am left with tons of egg yolks. There are very few times I don't make custard or ice cream with the leftover yolks. Whites, on the other hand, frequently leave me in a place of creative uncertainty. French macarons, baked meringues, and many other egg white desserts are not my personal favorite, they are too cloyingly sugar-forward for me. So, I often turn to savory recipes when purging egg whites from my fridge.

One of my most favorites is this crisp potato wedge recipe. A great option if you're someone that's looking to eliminate or reduce oils in your diet. I am a huge fan of all kinds of oils, but there are a variety of reasons you may be attracted to this recipe, one being the low calories and low fat content!

Potatoes themselves are often seen as unhealthy or high calorie (not true) because they are a high carb vegetable. In reality, potatoes are quite low calorie for how filling they are and the variety of nutrients they provide, and they are actually a very healthy carb. One serving of these potatoes will be less than 200 calories, and have almost 0 fat! We often love to pair potatoes with unhealthy toppings or condiments, but this recipe will prove to you that potatoes are easily delicious in a more simplified format.

I absolutely love using this recipe to make patatas bravas, the crispiness just holds up so well under the tomato sauce. I aim to have the perfect contrast of a crispy potato with a soft interior and a rich sauce.

These healthy potato wedges are a dream with breakfast or brunch, alongside a homey entree, or inside a burrito or taco (that's what I will be doing with the leftovers tonight!)

Let's get cooking.

Thanks for reading.


The Mellow Baker

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