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No-Fail Berry Coffee Cake

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

A tried and true family favorite that has been transferred from one index card to another over decades.

Active Time: 30 Minutes, Total Time, 1 Hour 30 Minutes


This can be the easiest, OR most creative coffee cake you have ever made.

My most recent adaptation? Burnt Butter Strawberry Balsamic Coffee Cake - made with simple amendments to this fool proof recipe.

Our family's Mellow Coffee Cake offers a great way to use less-than-favorable fruit or berries.

[Pictured: Brown Butter Strawberry Coffee Cake]

No fruit on hand? Don't fret, add 2 teaspoons of cinnamon to your crumble mixture for a classic morning coffee cake (feel free to double the crumb here!)

This recipe is actually meant to be made with a can of fruit pie filling, if you have one hiding in your cupboard, swap it with fresh fruit for an equally incredible bake and even more mellow coffee cake.

No matter how it's made, this simple coffee cake tastes fresh from a bakery.


Thanks for reading.


The Mellow Baker

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