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Easy Cast Iron Pan Pizza


Skillet baking has quickly become a favorite medium of mine. I've only owned a cast iron pan for about 9 months, although it took some getting used to, I don't think I'll ever be able to live without one now! About a year ago, I attempted to remove a gorgeous homemade pizza from the oven with a pizza paddle, and plopped it right on the floor. Mid-pandemic, while working an unthinkable amount of overtime, there were surely tears shed over this floored pizza.

At the very least, this cast iron pizza promises to stay off the floor, and inside the pan.

There are many great things about cooking or baking in cast iron, but the highlight for me can be summed up in one word: consistency. This was my third pizza dough recipe test in a 12" skillet (the first two being complete flops), and each time I have made it since, it has baked up exactly the same. There's nothing worse than spending a few hours making homemade pizza or bread, only to have it bake poorly. I love knowing what to expect when baking, and this thick crust skillet pizza offers simplicity and consistent results every time.

This pizza dough is incredibly simple and only has five ingredients. Minimal kneading is required, and the dough will be ready to bake in less than 2 hours. If you're thinking ahead, the dough rests perfectly in the fridge overnight, after its first rise.

Thanks for reading.


The Mellow Baker

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