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Cherry Crunch Cake

An ode to the Good Humor strawberry shortcake ice cream bar, this is a cherry twist on a nostalgic treat for many Americans, in cake form!

The crunch topping is delicious in its own right on top of ice cream, pudding, or cheesecake.

The possibilities are endless, and I am just getting started sharing recipes like this.

Banana pudding crunch cake, lemon crunch cake...on my mind as well.


I'm excited to finally be sharing a new formatting for my website today.

I have quickly moved into full time baking, food blogging and recipe creation, but my website has stayed in the past.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I know how important website design can be. You will see some improvements over time, as my blog finally comes into its own, and gains the polished finish it has been needing!

Website development is certainly a learning curve. I have always had an interest in graphic design, marketing and photography, but HTML and coding is when I start to clench my teeth.

It is easy to feel like you're too far behind to catch up, but if I can do it, anyone can!

My biggest struggle is devoting my time to things like coding - something I am NOT passionate about - when I could be in the kitchen getting my hands in dough instead.

If you're a baker, any kind of blogger, or small business owner, you may relate. For many of you, a hard skill like coding sounds too time consuming to approach with everything else you've got cooking. There are plenty of options to hire website designers, something I have certainly considered myself. My desire to have understanding and full control of my website has led me down a more difficult path, but a rewarding one. All it takes is a shift in mentality.

I have made a big shift in my mentality to flip one switch on, and another off, and accomplish more outside of my wheelhouse. In a nutshell, this shift is a commitment to valuing all forms of work, something many trade-based small business owners will experience eventually.

For some time, baking has been the work. Now many other things are the work and one must learn to prioritize them equally, rather than favoring the baking, as I would surely prefer.

Alas, baking is still the work that brightens my day, though I am proud and excited to need to expand my skills for the sake of my business and my success, a mentality we should all attempt to keep. There are many unexpected elements within developing a business, the one you should be most prepared for is being more tangentially involved in the passion that sparked your business in the first place!

Now, cherry crunch cake....

Thanks for reading.


The Mellow Baker

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