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Cherry Almond Shortbread Thins

With brown butter, brown sugar and almond extract, made extra thin and crisp.

A perfect small batch recipe that uses about 1 cup of cherries.

We can't get enough of shortbread bars over here. It is so easy to make a completely new recipe starting with a simple shortbread base! Today we savor some of the last days of cherry season with these brown sugar shortbread bars.

Cherry and almond are a classic flavor combination, and there is a reason the two pair so well; cherry trees and almond trees share genus, in other words, they are pretty closely related! You may have tried particular varieties of almond that have a note of cherry. Interestingly, some kinds of almond extract are even made from cherry pits!

I love brown sugar shortbread, maybe almost more than typical shortbread. It has a crisper texture

and deeper flavor, adding in brown butter makes it all the better.

These bars are made nice and thin, for an indulgent treat that is not too heavy.

I've shared some simple process photos for this recipe.

In the first photo below, I have pressed my shortbread crust into a prepared 5x7" baking pan.

Using brown butter in shortbread crust makes it very easy to spread or press evenly.

In the second photo I have arranged my sliced and macerated cherries - I like to face them upwards to allow the juices to pool in the center of each cherry half, where the pit had been, but you don't have to.

Like many shortbread bar recipes I share, a small amount of shortbread dough is saved to use as a crumble topping (about 1/3 of the total dough) and soak up some the liquid.

You can have a streusel-y, crumbly topping without having to make two separate kinds of dough!

The first photo shows my simple and quick distribution of shortbread crumble.

The second photo shows the product fresh from the oven. I let the bars cool,

then top with a drizzle of simple glaze.

I usually pour my glaze into a small piping bag or a squeeze bottle, so I can drizzle

it all in one go, creating a plaid-like pattern of squares and criss-crosses.

That is the pastry chef in me, making things a little

more difficult sometimes for the

sake of appearance!

This recipe is perfect for an afternoon

sweet treat, just right for a brunch or tea party,

or a summer picnic.

Slice into small squares or cute rectangles

and serve as finger food.

Slice into small strips and serve alongside

a cup of coffee or tea for delicious dipping.

Scroll down for photos of the finished product, and the recipe!

Thank you for reading.


The Mellow Baker

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