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Butterscotch Ganache Buttercream

A classic vanilla buttercream recipe is so easily elevated by adding a chocolate ganache of your choosing, today we will go over adding butterscotch ganache to basic American buttercream.

Chocolate ganache of any kind is made very simply by combining melted chocolate solids and heavy cream. You could use dark chocolate, white chocolate, ruby chocolate, butterscotch chips, or any other flavored chocolate chips. Butterscotch chips and other flavored chocolate chips are typically made with white chocolate, food coloring, and flavor extracts.

When using ganache on its own, like when filling French macarons, a long chill time is required to give the chocolate solids time to set up; in this case, our ganache does not need to become firm, it just needs to reach below room temperature, in order to avoid melting our whipped butter. If you are a butterscotch fan,

I'm certain this frosting recipe will become a new favorite!

Try butterscotch buttercream with yellow cake, pumpkin cake, butter pecan cake

or cinnamon spice cake, just to name a few!

Thanks for reading.


The Mellow Baker

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