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Butter Toffee Peanut Cookies (Nutty Butty Cookies)

I think most people love peanut butter cookies, but whole peanuts rarely get to be the star of any baked good. Peanut butter always gets to shine, while peanuts are reserved for airplanes and baseball games. In this recipe butter toffee covered peanuts are the feature, accompanied by sweet butterscotch chips. I love butterscotch chips, but they can easily be overpowering. The salty-sweet (and crunchy) peanuts pair perfectly with (overly) rich and sugary butterscotch chips and create the perfect balance.

I use P-Nuttles brand butter toffee peanuts which are available at the grocery store in my area.

If you're from the south, you will have a much wider variety of butter toffee peanuts at your market, but I love P-Nuttles since that's all I have ever tried! I named these P-Nuttle cookies Nutty Butty cookies because of the nuts and butterscotch that pair so well together. If you're not a fan of butterscotch, but love peanuts (hi dad!) please try this recipe with dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, or any other kind of chocolate!

Toffee peanuts can even be made at home, with ingredients you probably already have in the pantry!

I love to make toffee, and I will soon post a tutorial for making inexpensive, delicious toffee peanuts in less than 30 minutes. You could use them for these cookies, on top of ice cream, or for munching.

If you don't have quite the same sweet tooth as me, and would like to reduce the sugar content, I recommend using plain roasted peanuts in place of toffee peanuts, or reducing the butterscotch chips.


Thanks for reading, please do let me know if you try this recipe.


The Mellow Baker

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