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My Story
The Mellow Baker


Thanks for joining me -

I grew up expecting, and planning, to be a philosophy professor. 

I turned out to be a jack of all trades, but a master of the oven. 

I began recipe blogging in 2019 - just as the pandemic was beginning in the U.S. - I never expected for recipe creation and food photography to become my full time job.


I gifted my significant other a nice Canon camera for Christmas in 2019, he loves to take photos of architecture and ambient spaces, but we were soon holed up at home and I became the one taking photos --- but of food.

At the time, I was working as a restaurant manager, a career path I fell head first accident.

I was working a lot of overtime while restaurants struggled to balance staffing, sick leave, and lower profits during 2020. I found solace in baking for my coworkers - we were all working in uncomfortable and questionable conditions during a health crisis - having that small way to enjoy the day together and appreciate food was important. As I began to bake every single day, rather than once a week, (and take photos of each creation), I casually blogged on the site here, and on instagram. It didn't take very long for me to realize how passionate I was about this website, and turning it into something more. Two years later, I moved on from my job in the restaurant industry (now in bakery management), after a major car accident allowed me to slow down and create a better vision of my future. I was fortunate to be able to take a step back and realize I had been having unexplained health problems for more than a few months, which further encouraged me to focus on my own business, health and wellbeing.


Food has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up vegetarian in a small town, which meant making most of our meals from scratch to maintain a balanced diet that was versatile and enjoyable. The family meal was important in my household, we ate dinner each night at 6pm, and always had the chance to eat dessert, if we wanted. My dad had a love for baking - my mom, older sister and I got to enjoy homemade desserts just about every night, homemade pancakes each morning - something that has become increasingly important to me as I build my own home and routine. It doesn't have to be dessert, it can be bread, coffee cake, hamburger buns or granola bars. Making something from scratch for your loved ones is the most rewarding task in my life, if you feel the same, I hope my recipes speak to you and inspire you. Creating new recipes that meld two old recipes together, draw from nostalgic classics, or play with new and unusual flavors are some of my focal points here. 

My blog is dedicated to my dad - thank you for teaching me the importance of the kitchen - I always knew I'd bring joy to my loved ones through food, (like you always have) but I never expected to outgrow your love of baking.

Thank you for joining me at The Mellow Baker - I believe baking should be therapeutic,

eye-opening and, most importantly, a time to slow down.  

slow down with me and enjoy the process
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